Building Blocks

Climate flowers

Building Blocks include those things which build and are conducive to optimal problem solving.

Examples include:

– a positive climate

– a positive environment

– good communication (which may occur in diverse ways)

– taking advantage of what brain research has discovered

– building self-esteem and confidence

– building resiliency

– creating a sound mindset

– ethics considerations

– understanding child development

– creating opportunities for problem-solving

– practice in problem-solving

– developing trust and respect.

It is also beneficial to understand the process of voting, and to consider the benefits of voting on solutions to problems, and/or implementing more than one solution at the same time.

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* Developing a Positive Climate with Trust and Respect

* Creating Environments Conducive to Social Interaction

* Developing Self-Esteem, Confidence, Resiliency and Mindset

* Developing Ability to Consider Different Perspectives

* Developing Tools and Techniques Useful in Social Problem-Solving