About Us

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We are a collaborative website designed as a resource for increasing problem-solving skills in young children.

Problem-solving skills are essential to learning, academic success, well-being and ability to navigate the world.

Children need to know:

(1) Problems can be solved.

(2) Problems can be solved in groups as well as individually.

(3) There can be more than one, and maybe many possible solutions to a problem! This is clearly visible when members of a group are providing their own perspectives and experiences on the situation.

(4) If one solution doesn’t work, we can try another! Or perhaps multiple solutions at one time, if this is possible. Things may not be as hopeless as they seem. We don’t have to give up!

(5) It can be extremely beneficial to ask for help when trying to solve a problem, or to do research on ways that others have solved problems. Instead of giving up, you can learn to focus your attention on alternative solutions, some of which may come from the perspectives and experience of others!

(6) Sometimes the solution is already there! It’s just a matter of seeing it!

(7) Sometimes solutions appear just when you need them! This does happen!

When children have experience in solving problems, both by themselves and with others, they gain the life skills they need for resiliency and dealing with what life sends their way.

What a gift this is for dealing with life’s issues!

Children?also learn how to generate creative innovation, and how to make vision and dreams become reality!

If you would like to contribute information or ideas to this website, you can contact us. We would like the website to grow with collaboration and experience from others!